Castelvetrano Olives


What can one say about olives, right? They're . . . olives. But, Castelvetrano olives are special. I first had them at a friend's dinner party this past Spring (a very fancy, chic friend). She served them along with nuts and cheese as part of the first course. They are light and delicious with a mild, sweet, buttery taste. Not quite as flat as black olives but nowhere near as briny as the typically pimiento-stuffed green olives. Castelvetranos are super versatile—we've since used them in hor dourves, on pizza, in several different kinds of salads, omelettes, and they make the very best martini olives. They are, dare I say, the perfect olive. The only imperfect thing about them is they are difficult to find. Our local Costco carries them in a huge jar right now (pictured), and occasionally Whole Foods has them in stock. If you like olives at all, and have the chance, I recommend giving them a try.


posted by Rachel