Roy Orbison . . . Dr. Octopus

Legend has it that artist Steve Ditko based Dr. Octopus on the man Elvis Presley once referred to as "the greatest singer in the world"—Roy Orbison. But you know . . . I'm not so sure.

For starters, when Doc Ock first appeared in 1963, Orbison was much younger than the good doctor. He was also noticeably thinner. The biggest red flag for me is the hair. Like many of his contemporaries, Roy was sporting a pompadour in the early `60s, not the shaggy locks that most are familiar with from later decades.

What about the dark sunglasses? Well, that distinctive trademark wasn't yet a staple of Orbison's look, as evidenced by the album cover to In Dreams from 1963 . . .

The resemblance between the two later in Orbison's life is undeniable, but unless I see a statement from Ditko himself, I'm prepared to chalk this one up to coincidence and comic book myth.

Orbison album covers: Black & White Night, In Dreams

posted by Jeff