Kingdom of Earth

Kingdom of Earth programme  

Being Tennessee Williams fans, Jeff & I had to see Kingdom of Earth when Triad Stage brought the play to Greensboro. This is pure Southern Gothic, dark yet surprisingly funny, courtesy of excellent direction from Preston Lane. Live theatre is such a treat, and I'm always a little nervous—whether in New York, Chicago, or elsewhere—that the production will live up to expectations. No worries here; everything from set design, to wardrobe, to acting was amazing. There are three characters in the production, expertly portrayed by Clayton Fox, Philippe Bowgen, and Ryah Nixon. Nixon arguably has the most demanding role and displays some serious acting chops, projecting equal parts vulnerableness, sexiness, and humor (expect big things for her career). I appreciate that all three did a great job with their unique dialects. I am trying to think of something critical to say about the performance and I’ve got nothing. One thing to note, there are no bad seats at Triad Stage, however some are very close to the action. We happened to be seated second row, stage right. So close that during the final scene, it felt like I could reach out and touch Fox. If you are able get to a performance, please do so. This production runs through March 3, 2013.


posted by Rachel