Just got back from the Welcome 2 America show in Greensboro where we had to walk to the venue half a mile through freezing rain (it's in the 30s here!) and it was . . . FUN! I knew it would be a good time, but Prince was amazing—very into the show and played a great mix of hits. The crowd was cool, probably the nicest bunch of strangers we've ever attended a concert with. At one point in the show, Prince asks everyone to pull out their cell phones and call their best friend. I saw Jeff messing with his phone and thought he was trying to take some photos, but he tells me after the show that he called our friend Shawn in Portland. No idea what the call sounded like to Shawn, but Prince was playing "Little Red Corvette" at the time. This is one of the few big shows Jeff & I have been able to see together (the last one was James Brown; yeah it's been a while). Not sure what Prince's plan is for the tour; I mean he announced Greensboro just a couple of weeks ago and hadn't yet scheduled Chicago. Not complaining. If you're interested, though, keep checking for dates.

UPDATE, 9/26/11:

A couple of posters over at kindly shared the setlist:

D.M.S.R. Pop Life Extraordinary Musicology Don't Stop Till You Get Enough Cool Let's Work U Got the Look Misty Blue (Sung by Shelby Johnson) Raspberry Beret Take Me With U She's Always In My Hair Controversy Housequake (just a snippet) The Cross (instrumental, used as intro to . . . ) Let's Go Crazy Delirious 1999 Little Red Corvette Purple Rain

Piano/DJ set (band break) When Doves Cry Nasty Girl Darling Nikki Sign O' The Times Alphabet St. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World Black Sweat The Bird (band returns)

Jungle Love Love Rollercoaster Play That Funky Music Which Way Is Up? Kiss If I Was Your Girlfriend Insatiable Scandalous Adore

photo: PR Newswire/42 West

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