Nine Menswear Bunnies

nine menswear bunnies  

If you are my niece or nephew, spoiler alert—wait until AFTER Christmas to read this post. Everyone else, please continue. . . . I'm giving each of my nieces and nephews a handmade bunny for Christmas, using Martha Stewart's instructions for menswear bunnies. I'm using my Dad's Pendleton robe—originally purchased at Desmond's Department Store in Los Angeles sometime in the early 1960s. I particularly remember my Dad wearing this robe during cold New York winters when I was in high school. I wanted to do something fun with the fabric and this looked like a cute project. As often happens with things like this, about half-way through the process I started feeling like it was a bad idea (who wants demented homemade bunnies?) and was generally over it. However, I got some great advice from my friend Kristin, who happens to be exceptionally talented with sewing and craft projects. She suggested putting each bunny's components into separate bins—one bin of parts per bunny. I used several of Ikea's "Istad" plastic bags to separate my bunny parts and it really helped to keep things organized. Even so, construction took 10 months (which is an improvement over the two years it took me to finish this scarf).


menswear bunnies


menswear bunny


Preston and bunnies


wrapping bunnies


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