Lonerider "Pistols at Dawn" Release Party

Lonerider's "Pistols at Dawn"  

Last Saturday, Jeff and I headed over to Lonerider Brewing Company in Raleigh for their "Pistols at Dawn" release party. The event was held on the brewery's loading dock, which doubles as a tasting room and party space for get-togethers like this. "Pistols at Dawn" is their limited release stout (technically, "stout brewed with cocoa nibs & coffee"). Not only is Lonerider a local craft brewery, their ingredients are locally sourced when possible, including the chocolate and coffee for this stout. Although I'm not much of a beer drinker, I have to say this brew is delicious. It's very dark and rich and has a velvety mocha chocolate flavor—it's Jeff's current favorite beer of all time, and not just because he designed & illustrated the label. The short version of our party experience: a personal tour of the brewery from Sumit Vohra, CEO of Lonerider; pints of "Pistol" served up by bartender Jackie; Jeff and the brewers signed a couple of bottles for a giveaway; and we hobnobbed with brew staff and Lonerider aficionados. In addition to "Pistols" and Lonerider's other varieties available on tap, there were cupcakes with "Pistols at Dawn" infused buttercream frosting provided by Cupcake Brewery, and cool Lonerider t-shirts and gear for sale. If you get the chance, definitely stop by the dock's tasting room, take a brewery tour, or look for the next Lonerider event. You can see Jeff's label on the bottles (above). It was also used on receipts for purchasing take-away bottles and on a variety of promotional materials. As mentioned, "Pistols at Dawn" will have a limited release—I'll update this post when I find out where it can be purchased. Until then, Lonerider's other fine brews can be found in North Carolina at the usual retailers, restaurants, and bars (Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, Target, Sticks & Stones, etc.).


Lonerider Pistols at Dawn Release Party


Lonerider brewery


"Pistols at Dawn" stout


"Pistols at Dawn" receipt


Lonerider "Pistols at Dawn" Release Party


Pistols at Dawn cupcakes



UPDATE, 12/8/2012: "Pistols at Dawn" sold out at the brewery within two weeks of the release party. There is only one place I know of where bottles can still be purchased and that is Bestway Grocery in Greensboro—they have about four bottles left.

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