Ender's Game locations, part III

From Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, chapter 13: "They went out Lake Brandt Road and turned off just past the lake, following a road that wound down and up . . .

. . . until they came to a white clapboard mansion that sprawled along the top of a hill. . . .

. . . It overlooked Lake Brandt on one side and a five-acre private lake on the other."

The pièce de résistance and final location of our Ender's Game series. This took a small amount of searching to find—there didn't seem to be a road just past the lake to turn off onto. After a couple of passes we spotted it. I'm fairly certain this road, home, and private lake were the inspiration for the location of Ender's leave in chapter 13. As we passed the home we started seeing "private" signs and although the road kept going, it didn't seem appropriate to follow it to the end. We just reversed out of there and took a couple of discreet, respectful photos from the car as we made our exit.

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