Ender's Game locations, Part II

Here we are with Part 2 of our three part series on the Greensboro area locations mentioned in Orson Scott Card'sEnder's Game. I've owned at least three copies of Ender's Game, having given away copies to friends ("you have to read this") and I do not give books away lightly. Anyway, in chapter 13, Card describes a car ride up Lake Brandt Road and past the lake. I took a shot of a sign for Lake Brandt Road—possibly the one mentioned in the book, since this one is seen as you head towards the lake from town, the route you'd take from the Wiggin's home.  

And here is Lake Brandt itself—not far from town, actually within the city limits. This is a public access area, but the lake is also visible from the road. To do justice to the area I probably should have waited until summer to snap the photos but this is what the place looks like mid-March.