An October Miscellany

  Autumn trees


Who doesn't love Autumn? It's my favorite time of year—and here we are in the middle of October already. It is the calm before the storm of the holiday season.


frosted ghost cookies


Delicious "frosted ghosts sugar cookies" from Gianna's, placed in a vintage Halloween candy bag. I am working on perfecting my own iced cookie recipe (I have the cookie part down, still practicing the frosting).




Jeff's big mug of hot coffee. A hot drink's always appropriate—and even more satisfying when it's crisp outside.


Preston's skull hoodie


Preston gets to wear sweaters on cold morning walks. He has a reasonably small cool-weather wardrobe, which includes this skull hoodie he acquired a couple of years ago.


Surface to Air heels


Have you seen me lately? Was I wearing these shoes? That's right, I was. Well, unless I was walking Preston; in that case I wasn't. Regardless, Autumn is the perfect time to bust out my favorite architectural closed-toe pumps (from Surface to Air).


 posted by Rachel