Groundhog Day


Our favorite "holiday" of the year. No pressure or expectations, no commercial tie-ins; just a wonderfully silly event in a small town with a funny name (no offense, Punxsutawney), made even better with the tradition of top hats. Jeff had me watch the 1993 film a couple of years ago, and even it's pretty good. So how do we celebrate? It varies—sometimes we take time off from work, sometimes we exchange gifts or go out to a nice restaurant, but we always do something fun, and completely unrelated to the actual groundhog event. Tonight we're going low-key; no gift exchange but we are having prosecco and watching an old Louis Malle flick. Last year Jeff gave me this extremely kicking Verameat astronaut necklace, pictured above (I always get the best gifts on G-Day). How about you—do you have a quirky holiday tradition, or day of celebration?



posted by Rachel