Morrissey & Siouxsie CD Cover Mystery Girl


I've always been curious about the girl on the cover of the "Interlude" single (my copy, above)—a 1994 collaboration between Siouxsie Sioux and Morrissey. The photo looks vintage yet there's something very modern about it. The liner credits Roger Mayne as photographer, so I finally decided to research the photo and fairly quickly found that the original is held in the Victoria & Albert Museum's collection. Turns out it was taken in 1957 and is titled Girl Jiving (below). Roger Mayne took many documentary-style photographs in Southam Street, near the Notting Hill area in London, including this one. You can see more from this fascinating series, as well as the rest of his street shots here (love the images of Teddy Boys & Girls). There's something about the full, un-cropped, version of the photo that gives it away as mid-century—probably the full cut of her jacket and skirt. Also, you get that she's dancing (didn't notice that in the crop, I always thought she was passing off a cigarette). We still don't know, and probably never will, the identity of the girl but I'm satisfied to have just a little more backstory.



"Girl Jiving" © Roger Mayne
posted by Rachel