Justified's Harlan County, Part 1


The new season of Justified starts Jan 17. We’ve mentioned the show before and, needless to say, it’s a house favorite. If you haven’t seen the series yet, there’s still time to catch up (or at least catch a few episodes). I’ll try not to include any spoilers but viewing of seasons 1 & 2 is highly recommended.

Justified is set in Harlan, a rural mining town in eastern Kentucky, also the subject of the 1976 Academy Award winning documentary, Harlan County USA (one of Jeff’s uncle’s makes an appearance in the film). The county is notorious for violence and harsh living conditions. That being said, it is a beautiful area of the country, uniquely American, and some of the nicest people I know are from here—both of Jeff’s parents grew up in Harlan County, and Jeff has extended family in the area. Filming for the show mostly takes place in California, with the pilot and opening shots filmed in Pennsylvania (seen in the photo from FX above). You get the flavor of Harlan, but kind of like a Sundance Catalog version. We hit Harlan pretty quickly on our last road trip and, although we didn't have time to plan a full-out photo essay, managed to grab a few shots while passing through.
















Next up - a couple of specific locations referenced on the show. . . .


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