There are a few "human" stores (not just pet stores) that are dog-friendly, and I love to support them whenever I can. First up—Anthropologie (above and directly below). This is not an advertised policy, so I am very grateful and super-respectful of other shoppers when I have Preston with me. Even though it's not convenient to do a full-on clothes shopping extravaganza with the dog, I typically walk away with some small impulse purchases (that boxed Couto toothpaste I'm holding? bought it).



The Apple Store—which, in Greensboro, is right next door to Anthropologie—is also dog-friendly. It's not advertised as such either, so I always ask before entering with the dog, and he is always welcomed in. This has been particularly nice, since lately we have had to visit several times. Often, I'll hold Preston so that he doesn't accidentally bother any other customers, although most people seem to dig him.



A great place to walk the dog when the weather is nasty is Lowes or Home Depot (we're at Lowes, above). We shop more at these big box home improvement stores since having P than ever before. The staff is always super nice and Preston loves walking around the store getting random attention.



One more pet-friendly shop, this one unique to Greensboro, is Replacements. It's one-of-a-kind showroom/warehouse has the world's largest selection of dinnerware. Not a place we have reason to go to very frequently, but their pet policy is the most generous I've ever seen. ANY animal is welcome, as long as it is well behaved. Staff can tell you about the many exotic animals (and birds, and reptiles) that have visited. But, if animals while shopping freak you out—don't get freaked. I've never seen an animal at Replacements other than Preston. Their main showroom (seen above) is chock-full of fragile glasses, dinnerware, and decorative items, which makes their animal policy all the more staggering. We were in the shop, simply because Preston could come along, and wouldn't you know, I scored a dozen vintage champagne coupes on sale in their clearance room.


posted by Rachel