After reading an article about "the world's best macarons" in the Fall issue of Four Seasons Magazine, I became obsessed with the fact that I had never taken the opportunity to try one of these cute and colorful little pastries. My first time out, I wanted to be sure I was getting a quality and authentic example, which probably meant it would have to come from Paris or New York. With no trips planned in the near future, I decided to table my obsession. That is, until a couple of days ago. To my great surprise, I received a box of Chef Cecile Cannone's macarons express shipped directly from Macaron Café in New York. My close friend Stef custom selected the flavors, and had them sent to Greensboro for my birthday (everyone should be so lucky to have a friend like this). The macarons met all expectations—the best word to describe them has to be "delightful." Apparently I'm not aloneFood & Wine named Macaron Café as the best mail-order pâtisserie.

posted by Rachel