Keepers . . . The Brave & the Bold

As mentioned previously, we've gradually been reducing the size of our comic book collection. As longtime comic readers can understand, deciding what stays and what goes can be both time consuming and (*sniffle*) emotionally challenging. I've decided that with some books, keeping an issue or two that encapsulate the essence of a series suffices. But there are a select few, like The Brave & the Bold, that I hold in such esteem I must keep in their entirety.  

I'm talking the Batman team-up run of the original series. The primary reason it's a keeper . . . artist Jim Aparo.

All the reason I need, really. Aparo's work was gritty yet fluid, always in service to the story. He penciled, inked, and lettered most of the book from issue 98 until it's end at number 200.

The scripts by Bob Haney are often zany and sometimes feature Batman using some decidedly un-Batman like dialogue:

But the book is always fun, and the storytelling devices used to get Batman into these team-ups in the first place, always brilliant.

posted by Jeff