Artichoke Lamp


The first thing I noticed about this building in downtown Greensboro (at the corner of Greene & Friendly) was the large pendant light fixture hanging in the foyer. It’s visible to passing traffic through huge glass windows, and driving by I was pretty sure it was a Poul Henningsen Artichoke Lamp, but needed to go back for a second look. Upon closer inspection, yes, it is a Henningsen. The building currently belongs to Elon Law School and was designed by Edward Loewenstein—Greensboro’s very own modernist architect. He’s a pretty cool character—you can read about his work here. It is probable that Loewenstein selected the Artichoke Lamp himself, as it would have been freshly designed about the time the building went up in 1960, and particularly considering Loewenstein was involved with other decorative elements like the relief panels around the entrance, exterior stone wall surfaces, and plantings.









posted by Rachel