The Fence


We decided to install the "controversial" front yard fence, mainly for our dog—the more freedom and yard he has, the better. A huge concern was the aesthetic; would a fence work with our little mid-century ranch? We decided that the show wasn't the exterior of our home, as it's pretty standard (not modtastic like an Eichler or Neutra). Plus, a white picket fence surely couldn't hurt a home's appeal. We got several quotes and ended up using the outfit that had the best plan, seemed the most competent, and had materials we wanted in stock, even though they weren't the cheapest. It took two men a total of two days to complete the job, and they were total pros. Apparently it takes a few months for the wood to dry out before staining/painting, so eventually we'll get around to making it white. I also plan to SLOWLY add more plantings to the front yard. The fence is made from cedar and, especially after it rains, the yard smells amazing. So far we are loving it. The space feels twice as large, and Preston has had lots of impromptu play sessions with friends (both human & canine).


We were told to "shoot on sight" anyone who touched the posts before the concrete set.
Jeff decided a more appropriate action was to display a few friendly signs.

posted by Rachel