The Doctor Who Scarf

A knitting project not for the faint of heart. This sucker took me 2+ years of off-and-on knitting to complete and I think it was worth it. I used a pattern based on the scarf Tom Baker wore in seasons 12 –14, the Doctor Who of my childhood. My parents wouldn’t allow us to actually watch the show but did allow us to watch the super-cool opening theme. In retrospect, probably a good call—I definitely would have had nightmares as a little kid if I’d seen the Daleks. Since I am not an experienced knitter, I used a variety of online guides to help me cast on, knit, change color, and finish it off (Vogue Knitting was pretty helpful). The scarf was supposed to be about 11 inches wide; mine turned out to be over two feet wide. How did that happen? I don’t even want to think of all the unnecessary knitting. Even so, I am thrilled that the project is complete and the scarf looks pretty authentic. Jeff has awesomely worn it for real a couple of times.

posted by Rachel