The Craven School, Part 2


More photos of Craven as it is today. I didn't actually go inside the school for the interior shots (are you kidding). I got those by holding the camera up and pointing it down through a broken window. I did try a couple of the doors in back out of curiosity, and surprisingly one of them was open! Fear plus the overwhelming stench that emanated from the interior kept me safely outside, however. The school was built in the 1950s and had been in use until about five years ago. The school board has strangely turned down offers to buy the property and has decided instead to demolish the building, at a cost of over a quarter mil. Granted, you can see it would need a gut remodel since the damage from ongoing vandalism and the typical deterioration of an unmaintained structure have taken their toll. Sad. I've grown fond of this creepy little abandoned elementary school and would love to see it restored.



The Craven School, Part 1
posted by Rachel