The Alternate

The Alternate is an ongoing comic book series written and created by Jeff, coming this Fall from publisher 215 Ink. It's an old-fashioned superhero team-up book with lots of action, drama, and comedy—plus, it's PG, so pretty much everyone can enjoy it. Here are the first two covers:

The cover for issue one is drawn by Daniel Gete—an amazing artist based in Madrid. Gete is the series'  "regular" artist, having drawn half of the first issue and most of the second. I love the simplicity of the cover design; that orange is going to really pop on the shelves.

The cover for issue two is by the brilliant Shawn McGuan, who came up with the great concept of having Mettle, the book's star, standing in front of the poster of Metalman (a version of Mettle from an alternate Earth).

Finally, here are some scattered pages from the interior of the book. Pencilled, inked . . . what’s missing . . . hmm. Oh yeah, the color. That’s where I come in. Somehow (and hopefully this blog post will shame me into actually making progress) I will have all 22 pages colored within the next couple of weeks. The art for the first issue, seen here, is by the aforementioned Gete, as well as Dean Kotz. Kotz is another crazy-talented artist who's schedule is pretty booked, so we were lucky to get him for the second half of the issue (the book breaks between the two artists when our hero is propelled into an alternate reality!).

UPDATE: Sad news, The Alternate issue 1 was not on the shelves in October. A big THANK YOU to everyone that tried to order (Previews cancelled all orders, so you're not on the hook). Such is the fate of many indie books trying to go the single issue route. The good news is, the book is still coming out—just as a prestige format/graphic novel down the line.

posted by Rachel