Doctor Bamboo

The newly christened House of Winstead signature drink. Although we've been making it for a few years, we just settled on an official name today . . . the Doctor Bamboo. Here's how it goes:

2 oz. spiced rum
grapefruit juice
2 maraschino cherries

Fill an old-fashioned glass with cracked ice. Pour rum over the ice. Add grapefruit juice to fill. Finish with two cherries as garnish.

It's extremely simple, good in both hot & cold weather, and tart yet sweet—thanks to the cherries. We think it's great by itself, as a makeshift apéritif, or even as dessert. Incidentally, if the glasses look familiar, it's because they are from Trader Vic's (our friend Mike gave us the set as a most superb housewarming gift when we first moved to North Carolina).

posted by Rachel