A Century of Progress

We love World’s Fair art and wanted to get a poster from one of the early Expositions. I'm partial to Chicago 1933, since my grandfather told me several times of how he and his buddies traveled a thousand miles by bus, train, & hitchhiking to get to Chicago to attend, and by all accounts had a spectacular time.

We found this little pamphlet on eBay. George Petty, better known for his pin-up girl art, created the cover illustration (also used as the fair's official poster). Figures—he was working in Chicago, getting his illustration career off the ground at the time. Esquire magazine, publisher of many of his pin-ups, had just started up as well. Everything about this illustration is awesome—from the limited use of color to the map of the US with a big checkmark over Chicago (seen in the top right corner of the first photo).

posted by Rachel