Anton Corbijn, Director

Photographer Anton Corbijn is best known for his iconic images of bands like U2, Depeche Mode, and Tom Waits among many others. Although they wouldn't recognize the name, even my parents are familiar with his work from the posters my brothers and I used to have on our walls. Jeff & I were curious about the film The American, first after seeing the well designed retro-style poster  

and second after learning that Corbijn was the director. The film was much better than anticipated, definitely worth a look if you've been scared off by the bad reviews. It is a beautifully filmed, tense thriller that Jeff describes as "George Clooney's take on a Steve McQueen role." We liked it so much that we tracked down Corbijn's previous film, Control, about Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division. I'd always liked Joy Division, so had built-in interest. Jeff was less familiar (well, not at all) with the band, and came to it with a fresher view. We both came away from Control with the same opinion—best rock movie EVER.

posted by Rachel