I stumbled across the Sikitikis L'Importante é finire video late one late night while accompanying Jeff on a business trip in Italy several years ago. I was hooked. After getting back to the States, I had trouble finding their music (and I HAD to find it). I ended up using an Italian sort-of Craigslist where a seller spoke enough English for us to make a successful transaction . . . their first album, Fuga Dal Deserto Del Tiki, was mine! The best way to describe the Sikitikis' music is progressive pop. Influences are surf, garage, rockabilly, Italian lounge, as well as 50s rock & roll, dance, dubstep, Tarantino films, pulp fiction, film noir—really, these guys are eclectic. From left to right in the pic above: Zico—keyboards; Reginald—drums; Jimi—bass; Diablo—vocals. Shown below is the L'importante video I fell in love with. Also, Non Avrei Mai (if you like zombies and/or surf rock, this is for you). Fortunately, some of their stuff is available on both iTunes and now. If you just want to dip your toe in, Voglio dormire con te is fun (their latest single, Tsunami is pretty good too). Incidentally, if I ever become conversational in Italian, it will be with a Cagliari accent, thanks to these guys.

band photo at top: Caterina Farassino/Casasonica
posted by Rachel