Mai-Kai chairs

We only know the Mai-Kai Restaurant from it's mention in Sven Kirsten’s Book of Tiki (below). So, to hold us over until we are able to get to Fort Lauderdale and visit in person, we had a little Mai-Kai tiki magic shipped directly to us—our new chairs! Well, new to us. The chairs had been used as seating in the restaurant for the last thirty years. The Mai-Kai is selling off the used chairs to aficionados of all things tiki/lounge/Americana.

The Kahiki Supper Club, of Columbus Ohio, closed several years ago before we got to visit the place. Much of the Kahiki’s décor was sold at auctions we missed out on at the time. We didn’t want another opportunity to slip by, so we decided to grab these two chairs. The Mai-Kai is perhaps the greatest Polynesian-themed establishment still in operation since tiki's midcentury heyday, so we were happy to purchase the chairs directly from them.

posted by Rachel