Wigwam Village #2

Wigwam Village Motel was one of the most surprising and exciting things I saw on my first road trip through Kentucky. A wonderful relic from the Golden Age of Travel—and still operational! There used to be seven Wigwam Villages across the country but due to Interstate travel plus diminished interest in novelty lodging (among other reasons) their number has been reduced to three. Cave City is home to Wigwam Village #2 on Route 31; the others are along Route 66 in Holbrook AZ and San Bernadino CA. We've never spent a night at the Village but their website claims that the furnishings are original from the 1930s, and the rates are super reasonable. If they allowed pets, I would definitely arrange an overnight. The gift shop is in the largest teepee--they sell all sorts of Indian-themed gifts and knickknacks, very fun to check out. If you are passing through Kentucky anyway, it’s worth getting off the Interstate and enjoying the mid-century signage kitsch of Cave City while it lasts—  

Wigwam Village #2 Cave City KY


Wigwam Village gift shop


teepees in Cave City Kentucky








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