Retro Roadside Cave City Kentucky

Jeff took me through Cave City for the first time several years ago and I was struck by the number of retro style signs on such a short stretch of highway. Apparently, Cave City was once a booming tourist destination, due to nearby Mammoth Cave National Park, with Route 31 being the the main thoroughfare. The completion of the Interstate in the 1970s quickly siphoned off tourist traffic and the motels—along with their signs—fell into disrepair. We had the opportunity to drive through Cave City again recently, and I was particularly disappointed to see that the Star Motel sign had sustained considerable damage. It was the first, and most spectacular, of the signs that welcomed you to Cave City—once a harbinger of great things to come. Here are several Cave City roadside signs as they look today (also shown; a photo of the "Star" sign we took on that first trip through, when it was in better shape). Cave City is still an interesting place to pass though--we'll show you their most exciting roadside attraction next post . . .  

Star Motel sign Cave City KY

Holiday Hotel Cave City Kentucky


Parkland Drugs Cave City Kentucky


Cave Land Motel sign Kentucky


Cave City Budget Inn Kentucky


Motel Sign Cave City


Motel Travel Inn sign Cave City Kentucky


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