The Comic that Got Me into Comics

Gene Colan, the wonderful and prolific comic book artist, died on Thursday, June 23.

When I was thirteen, a classmate of mine found an old comic on top of the refrigerator in the school break room (what he was actually looking for up there I couldn't say). He brought the book back to class and—seeing as how he'd already flipped through it—I managed to talk him into giving it to me. The comic was Batman #344 (the splash page of which is shown above), written by Gerry Conway and penciled by Gene Colan. I read it over and over while planted in the driver's seat of my dad's parked 1968 Mustang Fastback, completely mesmerized. I'd been given a couple of comics when I was younger, but Conway and Colan's work in this book really hooked me. The next day, I asked my mom if I could go with her into town. I normally avoided this; what kid wants to go grocery shopping? But I was now on the hunt, and my game was comic books.

Thanks for getting me into comics, Gene.

posted by Jeff