Fredric Brown

Just got another Fredric Brown book for the collection, courtesy of our friend Shawn. Actually, over the years Shawn has gifted us some sweet vintage pulps—the very best way to read Brown (reprints just don't feel the same). I've already started in on One for the Road, since "new to me" Brown titles are few and far between at this point. His Ed & Uncle Am books are the absolute best (The Fabulous Clipjoint, The Dead Ringer, Death Has Many Doors, The Bloody Moonlight, etc.), although I also love The Screaming Mimi, The Lenient Beast, and The Far Cry. Brown writes with a Midwestern, mid-20th century sensibility: alcoholics are just heavy drinkers (not victims needing intervention), women are bombshells, and men—even in their early 20s—are men. Brown is a little wacky, you'll know what I mean if you've read him compared to say Chandler or Hammett. If Science Fiction or Fantasy is more your thing, Brown covers that too (one of his stories was even the basis for a classic Star Trek episode).

posted by Rachel