Keepers . . . Crisis on Infinite Earths

Another series that will unquestionably survive our ongoing collection weeding. Crisis was DC Comics' universe redefining limited series from the mid-80s. The now legendary seventh issue (pictured below), was one of my first comic books, purchased from the local drugstore, back in ye olden days when drugstores actually carried such things. I couldn't tell you what other comics were on the shelf that day, because the cover of Crisis #7—considered one of the most iconic in comic book history—drew me in like a magnet.

There's frequent debate these days on how to get kids interested in comic books. Inevitably, the conversation turns to accessibility; that there should be comics tailored specifically to kids that are uncomplicated by the decades of history associated with many of the most popular characters. Which I think is poppycock. No comic could have been more steeped in continuity than Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, with its dozens of characters embroiled in a conflict to save the multitude of DC universes. Was I confused about some of the finer plot details? Sure. But that didn't turn me off; it made me hungry for more. As adults, we sometimes forget what it's like to be a kid, with a child's sense of discovery. Let's give kids the credit we would have wanted back in the day, shall we?

An excerpt from Crisis #7. Unapologetically earnest, overly melodramatic . . . what more could you want from a comic book?

posted by Jeff