Tom Ziuko, O.G. Colorist

The first time I saw Tom Ziuko’s work was in a couple of issues of Crisis on Infinite Earths. I love the clean assist with storytelling his colors give the series. They are a perfect complement that propels the narrative; dynamic yet never getting in the way of the story. Later, when I was struggling with a little color work myself, Jeff suggested looking back on Ziuko’s work for inspiration. He didn’t pull the familiar Crisis books, but Atari Force! Now this was something special. Ziuko’s work here is dazzling—his prevalent use of pink strangely works. There is no way I could mimic his style—for one, he was working with color guides and a much more limited palette than we have available today. Plus, any time I try to emulate another artist’s style, whether colorist or otherwise, the results never ring true. That being said, I did display a few pages from Atari Force 11 (shown above) for the duration of my color project. The joie de vivre of his choices was inspiring. My favorite example of his work, though, is the Deadman series from the mid-1980s, drawn by Garcia-Lopez. Comic book coloring doesn't get any better:

I’ve searched in vain online for any mention of current work Ziuko might be doing. It seems the most recent coloring he did was on Hellblazer in the 90s. If anyone can identify some 21st century Ziuko work, please don’t be shy—share in the comments.

posted by Rachel