Red Chandelier

The first thing we did as new homeowners (after a meticulous and thorough cleaning of the house) was paint the interior and replace light fixtures. This is a relatively quick and inexpensive method of making a major transformation. One the fixtures we replaced was a low-hanging bulb in our kitchen’s breakfast nook. In fact, the light was so low that Jeff & I knocked our heads on it one too many times and decided to remove it without having a replacement on hand. Fortunately, my parents came through with a vintage Italian Tole Chandelier that had originally hung in the kitchen of a house they had moved into several years ago. I believe the chandelier dates from the late 1950s; it was mostly beige and green with realistically painted flowers. My mom kindly held onto it for me, storing it away in their attic for over ten years! After being in storage for so long it wasn’t in terrible shape. There were a few broken light bulbs to remove but otherwise a light cleaning was all it needed. I taped over the cord and the places where the light bulbs screw in and—after a short deliberation on color choice—applied about three coats of red enamel spray paint. What you see is the end result.

As for the rest—
art: French lithograph of A.M. Cassandre’s 1939 Sensation Cigarette poster (check with Mercury Posters in Rochester for something similar)
chair: another donation from my mom—I replaced the seat cover with black twill and painted the wood black
dining table: Ikea’s homage to Eero Saarinen, the much more affordable Docksta
walls: Home Depot custom matched paint to a stone color we liked

posted by Rachel