Telephone Bench

This little bench resides beside our front door—a place to drop our keys and throw the mail. I found the table at the local Goodwill in pretty rough shape. I wanted to show a before picture, but since I neglected to take one, I searched online and found this sort of "before" photo of a very similar bench, styled with a fabulous gold cherub, on Apartment Therapy.

My bench had the same dark wood and green vinyl seat as the bench pictured on the left above, but was missing the foot pegs, was horribly scuffed up, and surfaces were separating with several exposed nails and splintered wood. Yes, it was a mess. I had seen the "inspiration" bench (above right) on Design*Sponge earlier and, despite it's flaws, brought the Goodwill bench home with hopes of creating a similar look. As you can see, I shamelessly pinched the idea for woodgrain fabric directly from the Design*Sponge re-do (the fabric is from Joel Dewberry's Aviary collection). First, I removed and discarded the original seat cover, replaced some of the structural nails, cleaned all surfaces, and sanded down the wood. One word of advice--do not sand in your living room. I sanded this table but good, spending a couple of hours getting every nook. I knew there would be some clean-up, but it never occurred to me that the little wood particles would get everywhere. Next step was a couple coats of paint then a trip to Home Depot for replacement foot pegs which I installed at varying levels to accommodate uneven legs. I put fresh foam on the seat before tacking on the new fabric and that's it! The last photo shows the bench as seen from our living room (bonus points if you can spot our dog).

posted by Rachel