A Comic Book Collection

Welcome to Staged Normalcy! We are in the process of reorganizing the comic book collection, so to kick things off, here’s a look at how we store everything.  

We’ve both been reading comics since childhood. I started out with Tintin (actually, Tintin is the first thing I can remember reading by myself). Jeff started out with a Superboy comic his mom had picked up one day while he was home from school with chickenpox. Jeff has been a much more diligent collector over the years—when we met he owned over 8000 comics(!) I brought two short boxes into the relationship. Fast forward several years and what you see here is our current combined collection. We have definitely been intentionally downsizing. We’ve moved six times since getting married and are finally in our first home. Through all of our moves the literal weight of the collection and the problem of storing it were never out of mind—you start to question whether the collection actually owns you. Our goal is to have every comic we keep be “gold” to our standard, whether it has any dollar value or not. We put self-adhesive clear sleeves (actually designed to hold business cards) on the front of each box. That way we can see what’s in the box AND can easily change out the label when the collection shifts. You can buy the boxes at your local comic book store. The shelving fits nicely inside a repurposed closet in our studio.

posted by Rachel